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Operational leasing

Operativní leasing

Operational leasing is no longer just for corporations – more and more, private individuals are using it as well. It is characterized by relatively short lease terms (4–5 years at most) and low monthly rentals. When the lease term expires, ownership of the asset remains with the leasing company, but the customer can “hire” a newer model.


With operational leasing, the purpose of the lease is to use a service, not to acquire an asset. In addition to use of the asset itself, the lease may include other services to the extent provided for by the contract. Operational leases are entered into for relatively short terms – usually shorter than the useful lifetime and depreciation term of the leased asset under applicable tax law. Upon expiration of the lease term, the leased asset remains the property of the leasing company (unless agreed otherwise). In the case of full service operational leasing of a corporate fleet, the product includes comprehensive provision of all services necessary for vehicle operation.


  • The security of doing business with a stable, strong company that is a market leader – we’ve been doing business in the Czech Republic since 1991;
  • Access to the knowledge and experience that enables us to take an individual approach to each and every client;
  • Minimum paperwork;
  • We’re everywhere you need us – branch locations throughout the Czech Republic.

Advantages of operational leasing

  • You use the asset (vehicle) and leave the worries and cares to us:
    • Operational leasing without services– suitable in particular for private individuals – guaranteed residual value reduces monthly rental amount, and since you have no used vehicle to worry about at the end of the lease term, the way to a new model is open;
    • Operational leasing with services – at the customer’s request, we can provide various services (vehicle registration, road use tax, radio license fee, regular maintenance, insurance, and other optional services) through our Full Service Leasing program provided through our subsidiary, UniCredit Fleet Management, s.r.o.;
  • We help optimize your cash flow and plan your expenses:
    • your monthly rentals are fully tax deductible, the amount is fixed and never changes;
    • guaranteed buy-back amount at end of lease term;
    • do total control over all expenses relating to the asset;
  • Operational leasing is suitable primarily for financing new assets.



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